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You can view the hierarchy in a class library, user-defined members in a class, and inheritance of members between related classes using the Class Browser.

To view class members and hierarchies

  1. In the Class Browser, open the class library you want to view.

    For information about opening the Class Browser, see How to: Run the Class Browser.

  2. In the class list of the Class Browser, select the class you want.

When a class is selected, an icon for the class appears next to the type list, which appears above the class list. Any user-defined class members that exist appear in the member list. Subclasses appear indented beneath parent classes when Hierarchical mode is selected on the Class Browser shortcut menu.

When a class is selected, you can view its parent class if available.

To view the parent class

  • Right-click the class, and on the shortcut menu, choose Select ParentClass.

    The parent class appears selected.

If a chevron (<<) appears next to a class, its parent class is located in a class library (.vcx) that is not displayed in the class list. If you choose Select ParentClass on the class shortcut menu, the class library containing the parent class is added to the class list, and the parent class is selected.

You can view multiple class libraries or form files by opening another file in the current Class Browser window or by opening another Class Browser window. You can also open the same file in several Class Browser windows.

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