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Makes it possible for you to select printer options when printing a file. This dialog box appears when you select Print from the File menu.

The settings available depend on the Windows operating system that you are running Visual FoxPro on. For versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000, the setting names for this dialog box are indicated in parentheses. Settings that are available only when running Windows 2000 and later are indicated.


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General Tab (Printer)

Specifies printer-specific settings.

Select Printer (Name)

Displays printers connected to your computer.

Displays the printer status.
Location (Where)

Displays the network printer path.

Displays additional printer information, for example, printer location.
Preferences (Properties)

Opens the system Printing Preferences (Document Properties) dialog box so you can set page preferences.
Find Printer

Opens the Find Printers dialog box so you can locate a printer. Available on Windows 2000 or later.

Page Range (Print range)

Specifies page selection settings.


Prints all pages in the file.

Prints selected text in the file. This option is available only when text is selected.
If a partial line of text is selected, the entire line is printed.


Specifies a range of pages in the file to print.
Number of copies

Specifies the number of copies of the file to print.

Specifies to collate the printed copies when printing multiple copies of the file.

Displays the Print Options dialog box. For more information, see Print Options Dialog Box.
Print (OK)

Print the file.

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