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Specifies the beautification application for Visual FoxPro programs and runs when you choose the Beautify command on the Tools menu.

_BEAUTIFY = cProgramName, aOptions



Specifies a beautification application. If your beautification application is in a directory other than the current default directory, include a path with the application name. You can also specify a beautification application in your configuration file by including a line using this syntax:
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_BEAUTIFY = cProgramName
Note that your beautification application must accept a single parameter, the name of the program to beautify. Your beautification application can modify the program, write the modifications to a temporary file, and then return the name of the temporary file to FoxPro. FoxPro reads the temporary file back into the editing session under the original FoxPro program name and then deletes the temporary file.

Internal use only


The Beautify command appears on the Tools menu when you open a program or text file in an editing window.

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