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Places the handle of the window that the point pt belongs to on the screen into wh.

int _FindWindowP(WHANDLE FAR *wh, Point pt)
WHANDLE FAR *wh;      /* Pointer to window handle. */
Point pt;                     /* Point in pixels. */


_FindWindowP(В ) returns an integer indicating the portion of the window where the point is located. For possible return values, see _FindWindow(В ) API Library Routine.

For more information on how to create an API library and integrate it with Visual FoxPro, see Accessing the Visual FoxPro API.


The following example waits for a left mouse button click and then uses _FindWindowP(В ) to get the window handle for the mouse down position.

Visual FoxPro Code

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WAIT WINDOW "Click Mouse In Window" NOWAIT

C Code

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#include <pro_ext.h>

void putLong(long n, int width)
   Value val;

   val.ev_type = 'I';
   val.ev_long = n;
   val.ev_width = width;


FAR FindWindowEx(ParamBlk FAR *parm)
   WHANDLE wh;
   Point mousePos;
   int where;

//  Get mouse position when left button goes down
   while (_InKey(0, MOUSEACTIVE | HIDECURSOR) != 151);
   while (!_MousePosP(&mousePos));

   switch (where = _FindWindowP(&wh, mousePos))
      case inBorder:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inBorder"); break;
      case inHelp:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHelp"); break;
      case inContent:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inContent"); break;
      case inDrag:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inDrag"); break;
      case inGrow:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inGrow"); break;
      case inGoAway:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inGoAway"); break;
      case inZoom:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inZoom"); break;
      case inVUpArrow:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inVUpArrow"); break;
      case inVDownArrow:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inVDownArrow"); break;
      case inVPageUp:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inVPageUp"); break;
      case inVPageDown:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inVPageDown"); break;
      case inVThumb:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inVThumb"); break;
      case inHUpArrow:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHUpArrow"); break;
      case inHDownArrow:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHDownArrow"); break;
      case inHPageUp:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHPageUp"); break;
      case inHPageDown:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHPageDown"); break;
      case inHThumb:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inHThumb"); break;
      case inMenuBar:
         _PutStr("\nMouse down inMenuBar"); break;
         _PutStr("\nMouse down someplace else"); break;
   _GlobalToLocalP(&mousePos, wh);
   _PutStr("\nPosition relative to window:");
   putLong(mousePos.v, 5);
   _PutChr(' ');
   putLong(mousePos.h, 5);

FoxInfo myFoxInfo[] = {
   {"ONLOAD", FindWindowEx, CALLONLOAD, ""},
FoxTable _FoxTable = {
   (FoxTable FAR *) 0, sizeof(myFoxInfo)/sizeof(FoxInfo), myFoxInfo

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