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You must specify that a Visual FoxPro project will be source-controlled before you can take advantage of your source control software. You do this by adding a project to your source control system.

If source control software is enabled, you can specify that any new projects you create be automatically put under source control.

To create a new source-controlled project

  1. In the Options dialog box, choose the Projects tab, and then select a source code control provider if you haven't already done so.

  2. Make sure Automatically add new projects to source control is selected, and then choose OK. To make this setting the default, choose Set as Default, and then choose OK.

  3. From the File menu, choose New, and then start a new Visual FoxPro project.

    After you've named the new project, Visual FoxPro will prompt you to create the new source-controlled project. The default name for the new project will be the same as the name of the Visual FoxPro project.

After you create the new source-controlled project, Visual FoxPro finishes creating the Visual FoxPro project. Before other developers can use the file, they must enlist in the project.

If you're working with an existing project that isn't already under source control, you can create a new source-controlled project for it, and then put its files under source control.

To put an existing project under source control

  1. Open your Visual FoxPro project in the Project Manager Window.

  2. From the Project menu, choose Add Project to Source Control.

    Visual FoxPro displays the dialog box for your source control system that allows you to create a new project. By default, the name of the source-controlled project is the same as that of the Visual FoxPro project.

  3. Create the source-controlled project as you normally do with your source control software.

When you add an existing project to source control, Visual FoxPro prompts you to add the project's files to the source-controlled project.

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