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Removes a specific menu or all menus from memory.




Specifies the menus to release from memory. Separate the menu names with commas. Visual FoxPro system menus that appear under the Visual FoxPro system menu bar can also be released. To release a Visual FoxPro system menu, include the internal name of the system menu (_MFILE, _MEDIT, _MDATA, and so on). Use SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT to restore the default system menu bar and system menus.

Releases a menu, its items, and all commands associated with ON SELECTION POPUP and ON SELECTION BAR.


An active menu must be deactivated with DEACTIVATE POPUP before it can be released from memory.

If RELEASE POPUPS is issued without any additional arguments, all user-defined menus are removed from memory.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development