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Interrupts the process of recording a macro. From this dialog box, you can choose OK to stop recording the macro as it is, or you can take advantage of some other options.

This dialog box appears when you select Macros from the Tools Menu while recording a macro.

Insert Literal

Records the literal meaning of the next keystroke, instead of a meaning currently assigned to the key with a macro. Use this when you want to circularly define two keys.
Insert Pause

Records a pause in the macro. Before you choose InsertPause, choose either Key To Resume or Seconds to define how macro execution will resume.
Key to Resume

Prompts for a key that resumes execution of a macro that has been paused. This prompt appears only if you have implemented the SET MACKEY Command.

Specifies how long the pause in macro execution lasts before it automatically resumes. In the spinner control, type or select a number.

Returns to the point before the Stop Recording Macro dialog box appeared so you can continue recording the macro.

Deletes the macro you are recording and puts your insertion point in the last entered text box.

Confirms that the macro is completed and ready for use.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development