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Makes it possible for you to manually edit a preexisting macro.

Defined Key

Displays the key combination you press that will launch the macro.
Macro Name

Displays the default macro name, which is based on the defined key. For example, if the defined key is CTRL+D, the macro name will be CTRL_D. If you want to rename the macro, type the new name (up to 20 characters) in the box.
Macro Contents

Provides space for you to type the keystrokes the macro executes. Use the key label assignments listed in the ON KEY LABEL Command topic and enclose them in braces to represent the desired keystrokes. Place all key combinations (such as CTRL+F2) in braces also. For example:
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The key combinations SHIFT+CTRL+\, CTRL+–, CTRL+^, and SHIFT+CTRL+ENTER are not supported in Visual FoxPro.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development