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On this tab of the Application builder, you specify the application name and such other optional features as splash screen, startup form, and the type of application.


Specifies the friendly name of your application used in the application title bar, About dialog box, and throughout your application.

Specifies the file name and the location of the image used in the splash screen and the About dialog box of your application. You can use icon (.ico) files shipped in your Visual FoxPro \Graphics\ICO folder or such other graphic files as .bmp, .gif, or .jpg files.

Application Type

The following option buttons enable you to specify the way your application runs:


Application will run in the main Visual FoxPro window, taking over the entire Visual FoxPro environment including the system menu.

Application is added to an existing project or called from another application. The application adds a single menu pad and menu to the existing system menu, and therefore functions as a component of another application.
Because modules do not issue READ EVENTS or alter existing Visual FoxPro environment settings, they function well when called by other applications or at design time in the Visual FoxPro development environment. For more information, see READ EVENTS Command.


Application will run on the Microsoft Windows-based desktop. With top-level applications, the Visual FoxPro-based desktop is not necessarily visible. Provides a Windows multiple-document interface (MDI) with more flexibility than _SCREEN because you can subclass it. For more information, see _SCREEN System Variable.

Common Dialogs

The following check boxes let you include certain dialog boxes in your application:

Splash Screen

Specifies whether the application starts by displaying the image file designated in the Image field and credits in an opening screen.
Quick Start form

Specifies whether to use a Quick Start form that provides access to application documents and other disk files. You might use this to route users through the application.
About dialog

Specifies whether an About dialog box appears in the application.
User Logins

Specifies whether the application prompts for user password login and maintains preference information for multiple users, such as Options dialog box settings and Favorites menu contents.

Specifies the graphic that appears in the main desktop (_SCREEN) of typical applications, in the top form frame of top-level applications, and in the title bar of forms to which you have not assigned a specific icon.

If you choose OK, the builder closes, applying the property settings from all tabs.

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