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An application framework includes the project file and a starter class library subclassed from the Visual FoxPro base classes, ready for you to populate with new or existing tables and documents.

Master Include File

This common #INCLUDE file is used by components with settings and strings. The file also includes the APP_GLOBAL value, the name used by components for referencing.
Configuration File

An optional Config.fpw used for applications such as top-level forms in order to implement settings such as SCREEN=OFF.
Project Hook Class

Controls events related to the project such as adding new files. It also can access Application Builder for setting actions and properties of file interaction within the application.
Application Meta Table

Contains information such as project settings made or used by the Application Builder and Project Hooks.
Application Builder

Facilitates adding components to the project and setting properties such as navigation options.

The framework allows you to specify whether to create a complete application or just an application framework. If you choose to create a complete application, you can either include in the application a database and forms or reports you have already created, or you can create a new application from scratch using a database template. If you choose to create a framework, you can go back later and add components to the framework.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development