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If you've checked out a file, but decide to discard any changes you've made, you can undo the checkout. This has the effect of checking the file back in (that is, other users can then check the file out), but doesn't update it with changes. For example, if you mistakenly checked out a file instead of simply getting the latest version, undo the checkout instead of checking the file back in. This prevents the source code control system from having to create another version of the file, thus saving time and space.

If you want to view a file but don't need to check it out, you can get the latest version of it.

To undo a checkout

  1. In the Project Manager Window, select the file to work with.

  2. From the Project menu, choose Source Control, and then choose Undo Check Out.

  3. In the Undo Check Out of Files Dialog Box, make sure the file you want is selected, and then click OK.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development