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The build number for a project.

Object.VersionNumber[ = cBuildNumber]

Return Value


Specifies a build number for a project. The standard format for a project build number is "MMMM.mmmm.bbbb" where MMMM is the major build number, mmmm is the minor build number, and bbbb is the build number. Separate each component of a project build number with a period (.). Each build number can be zero to four digits (numbers). Do not use letters in the build number. You can specify ".." for cBuildNumber to reset both the minor build number and the build number to zero. If the AutoIncrement property is set to true (.T.) and you build an executable (.exe) or dynamic link library (.dll) from the project, the build number has leading zeros removed from last portion (".bbbb") of the build number. The default value is the empty string.


Applies To: Project Object

The VersionNumber property corresponds to the values of Version Number items in the EXE Version dialog box.

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