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The Visual FoxPro event model is extensive and provides much control over how the components in your application respond to wide variety of system and user actions. Visual FoxPro manages the processing of events so you can provide a richer interactive environment for application users.

In This Section

Events in Visual FoxPro

Provides an overview of events in Visual FoxPro.
Event Sequence in Visual FoxPro

Explains and illustrates the sequence in which events occur.
How to: Track Event Sequences

Explains how to track events.
Considerations for Event Code

Describes considerations to remember when adding code to events.
Event Binding for Objects

Introduces event binding which makes it possible for you to attach events, methods, and properties from a Visual FoxPro object or an event from a Component Object Model (COM) object to a Visual FoxPro object.

Related Sections

Object-Oriented Programming

Discusses how you can create self-contained application components that respond to user actions and to the system and which can be easily maintained and reused.
Programming in Visual FoxPro

Describes how understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity and enable you to access the full power of Visual FoxPro.

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