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Visual FoxPro provides many ways to work with objects. By using objects you can create objects from classes for more reusable code, use objects to store data, and create code that is easier to read and reference.

In This Section

Objects in Visual FoxPro

Introduces objects in Visual FoxPro and how to create and use them.
Creating Objects from Classes

Describes how to create an object based on a saved visual class.
How to: Add Classes to Forms

Describes how to add a class to a form using Project Manager.
Adding Objects to a Container Class

Details how to add objects to a container through use of the ADD OBJECT clause in the DEFINE CLASS command or the AddObject method.
How to: Add Objects to a Control or Container Class

Describes how to add objects to a class using the Class Designer.
Creating Table Navigation Buttons

Provides an explanation of how to design and build table navigation buttons through code.
Defining a Grid Control

Outlines how to define grid control programmatically.
How to: Set Properties

Describes how to set the properties of an object at run time or design time.
Container Hierarchy Object Referencing

Describes how objects are referenced in the container hierarchy and explains the importance of identifying objects in relation to the container hierarchy.
Object Reference Creation

Explains how to make a reference to an object, and describes the benefits of creating references over making copies of objects.
Object and Member Arrays

Describes how to create arrays containing objects and to define class members as arrays.
Data Storage with Objects

Describes when and how to store data in objects.
How to: Call Methods

Describes how to call the methods of an object from anywhere in an application once it has been created.
Object and Data Integration

Contains information on why integrating objects and data is important.
How to: Create Instances of Classes with the Class Browser

Describes how to create a new instance of a class using the Class Browser.
How to: Add Controls to Forms with the Class Browser

Describes how to add objects to a form with the Class Browser.


Objects, Collections, and Classes

Provides a list of objects, collections, and classes in Visual FoxPro.

Related Sections

Managing Classes and Class Libraries

Discusses how to create and modify classes and class libraries within Visual FoxPro.
Working with Classes in Visual FoxPro

Discusses methods to use, modify, and create classes within Visual FoxPro.

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