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When you create a menu system, you can include it in your application.

To include a menu system in your application

  • Add the .mnx file to your project, and then build the application from the project. For more information about building your application, see Compiling an Application.

When you create and generate a shortcut menu, you can attach it to a control. Shortcut menus typically appear when a user right-clicks on a control. You can attach a shortcut menu to a particular control by entering a small amount of code in the right-click event of the control.

To attach shortcut menus to controls

  1. Select the control to which you want to attach the shortcut menu.

  2. In the Properties window, choose the Methods tab and select Right Click Event.

  3. In the code window, type DOВ menu.MPR, where menu is the name of the shortcut menu.

    Be sure to use the .mpr extension when referencing shortcut menus.

Attaching SDI Menus to Forms

When you create an SDI menu, you can attach it to an SDI form. In addition, you must:

To attach an SDI menu to a form

  1. In the Form Designer, set the form's ShowWindow property to 2 – As Top Level Form.

  2. In the Init event of the form, call the menu.

    For example, if your menu is called SDIMENU.MPR, add this code:

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