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Specifies whether a ReportListener can provide modal messages as part of its user interface.

ReportListener.AllowModalMessages [= lExpr]

Return Value

Logical data type.


Modal messages are permitted.

(Default) Modal messages are not permitted.


Applies To: ReportListener Object.

The ReportListener class has two methods, DoMessage and DoStatus, you can use to display user feedback of different types. The distinction allows different code for modal message display (such as a MESSAGEBOX upon completion of a report run) and for modeless status display (such as a WAIT NOWAIT message to indicate of progress during the report run).

When you write code that ordinarily provides a modal message in a class derived from ReportListener, use the value of AllowModalMessages to determine whether such a message is appropriate in the current environment. If the value of AllowModalMessages is .F., your DoMessage code can decide to defer to DoStatus to display a modeless message instead. Alternatively, your DoMessage code can opt to suppress the feedback message.

The value of the QuietMode property takes precedence over AllowModalMessages. If the value of QuietMode is .T., the user of the class opts to suppress all user feedback.

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