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This topic contains information about some of the more common error messages in Visual FoxPro.

In This Section

Error Messages Listed Alphabetically

Contains a list of error message topics in alphabetical order.
Error Messages Listed Numerically

Contains a numeric list of error messages.

Related Sections

Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Includes topics on productivity tools, as well as the controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, and constants available.
General Reference

Provides Visual FoxPro related technical information, including file types, file structures, and other reference information about Visual FoxPro elements.
Language Reference

Provides a list of language reference topics in alphabetical order.
User Interface Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Explains the options that appear on various dialog boxes, windows, and other user interfaces. These types of topics generally appear when you press F1 in a dialog box or window.

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