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About Alex

It makes perfect sense that Alex was the one who did it. I've known Alex for several years now, and I guess he's a bit too modest to say these things himself, so I suppose it's up to me.

Alex has been a regular contributor to various discussions on game AI on the web and at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and he has even made a couple of presentations there. His knowledge of game AI is vast and his wit is keen. In any GDC AI session with a Q&A portion at the end, he was nearly always first in line to question the speaker on some detail of his presentation. Over the years, he's written a number of excellent papers on various aspects of AI, and I've watched as he's slowly evolved his nouvelle game AI approach through several GDCs. One can look back a few years to his earlier presentations and clearly see elements of his ideas taking root there.

It was perhaps inevitable that he would eventually put all his thoughts and ideas and experiences into a book. AI Game Development is the result.

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