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Appendix A. What's on the CD-ROMs

CD-ROM Disk 1 contains all the source code, executables, sample programs, stock art, software programs, sound effects, online books, graphics engines, and bonus technical articles that make up the book. CD-ROM Disk 2 contains the Introductory version of Microsoft VC++ 6.0. Here's the directory structure of Disk 1:











Each main directory contains specific data that you'll need. Here's a more detailed breakdown:

T3DGAMER1 The root directory that contains all other directories. Be sure to read the README.TXT file for any last-minute changes.
SOURCE Contains all the source directories for the book, in chapter order. Simply drag the entire SOURCE\ directory to your hard drive and work from there.
APPLICATIONS Contains demo programs that various companies have so graciously allowed me to place on the CD.
ARTWORK Contains stock artwork that you may use in your games royalty-free.
SOUND Contains stock sound effects and music that you may use in your games royalty-free.
DIRECTX Contains the latest version of the DirectX SDK.
GAMES Contains a number of 2D and 3D shareware games that I think are cool!
ARTICLES Contains articles for your edification, written by various gurus in the field of game programming.
ONLINEBOOKS Contains two completely digital online books covering Direct3D and General 3D graphics.
ENGINES Contains numerous 2D and 3D engines, including the Genesis 3D engine (with full docs), and PowerRender.

There isn't a general installation program for the CD because so many different types of programs and data exist. I'm leaving the installation to you. However, in most cases you'll simply copy the SOURCE\ directory to your hard drive and work within it. As for the other programs and data, you can install them as you need them. Just drag them to your hard drive or run the various setup or installation programs within each directory.


In addition, the ONLINEBOOKS\ directory contains complete coverage of Direct3D and General 3D graphics, so don't forget to check them out to get a head start on Volume II.


When you copy files from a CD-ROM, many times the ARCHIVE bit and/or the READ-ONLY bit are set. Make sure that any files you copy to your hard drive have these bits reset. You can reset the bits in Windows by selecting the files or directory(s) of interest; use the shortcut Ctrl+A to select all of them, press the right mouse button, and select File Properties. Once you have the Properties dialog up, reset the READ-ONLY and ARCHIVE bits, and then press Apply to finish the job.

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