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Appendix B. Installing DirectX and Using the C/C++ Compiler

The most important part of the CD that you must install is the DirectX SDK and runtime files. The installation program is located within the DIRECTX\ directory, along with a README.TXT file explaining any last-minute changes.


You must have the DirectX 8.0 SDK or better to work with this CD and book. If you're not sure that you have the latest files on your system, run the installation and it will tell you.

When you're installing DirectX, pay attention to the location where the installer places the SDK files. You will have to point your compiler's LIB and HEADER search paths appropriately when you want to compile.

In addition, when you install the DirectX SDK, the installer will also ask if you want to install the DirectX runtime files. You need the runtime files as well as the SDK to run the programs. However, there are two versions of the runtime libraries:

Debug— This version has hooks for debugging and is the one that I suggest you install for development. However, your DirectX programs will run a little slower.

Retail— This version is the full release retail consumer version that you would expect a user to have. It's faster than the Debug version. You can always install this one on top of the Debug version later if you want.


Attention Borland users (if there are any left): The DirectX SDK does have Borland versions of the DirectX .LIB import libraries. You will find them in the BORLAND\ directory of the DirectX SDK installation. You must use these files when compiling. Also, make sure to go to Borland's Web site and read the README.TXT file in the BORLAND\ directory for any last-minute hints on compiling DirectX programs with Borland compilers

Finally, by the time I finish this book, Microsoft will have approximately six more versions of DirectX. Make sure to keep up-to-date with the SDK by visiting the DirectX site from time to time:

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