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Contributing Authors of Online Books in Digital Form


Matthew Ellis, author of Direct3D Primer

Matthew is a teenage 3D game programmer and author. He lives in Las Vegas, NV, and is interested in all aspects of 3D game programming and graphics. He is currently cre-ating a new 3D engine, as well as publishing articles and working on a book of his own.

He can be reached at

Sergei Savchenko, author of General 3D Graphics

Sergei is a graduate student of computer science at McGill University in Montreal. Sergei hails from the city of Kharkov (XAPbKOB), Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union.

In addition to his computer science studies, Sergei also studied aircraft design at the Kharkov Aviation Institute. He also teaches computer science classes and performs active research in automated reasoning.

He can be reached at or at his Web page,

David Dougher, author of Genesis 3D Engine Reference, Tool, and API Function Manuals

David has been programming and gaming for over 25 years, creating his first computer games on paper tape for use on the PDP-8 systems at Syracuse University in 1974. His collection of gaming magazines goes back to Strategic Review, Issue Number 1 (the precursor to Dragon magazine). He is currently employed full-time as a release engineer by Parlance Corp. and loves Babylon 5, Myst, Riven, Obsidian, game design, teaching ballroom dancing, and his wife, although not in that order.

He can be reached at

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