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Contributing Authors of Articles and Papers


Bernt Habermeier, author of Internet Based Client/Server Network Traffic Reduction. Email: Web page:

Ivan Pocina, author of KD Trees. Email:

Nathan Papke, author of Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition and Beyond. Email:

Semion S. Bezrukov, author of Linking Up with DirectPlay. Email:

Michael Tanczos, author of The Art of Modeling Lens Flares. Email:

David Filip, author of Multimedia Musical Content Fundamentals. Email:

Terje Mathisen, author of Pentium Secrets. Email:

Greg Pisanich and Michelle Prevost, authors of Representing Artificial Personalities and Representing Human Characters in Interactive Games. Email:,

Zach Mortensen, author of Polygon Sorting Algorithms. Email:

James P. Abbott, author of Web Games on a Shoestring. Email: Web page:

Mike Schmit, author of Optimizing Code with MMX Technology. Email:,

Alisa J. Baker, author of Into the Grey Zone and Beyond. Email:

Dan Royer, author of 3D Technical Article Series. Email: Web page:

Tom Hammersley, author of Viewing Systems for 3D Engines. Email:

Bruce Wilcox, author of Applied AI: Chess is Easy. Go is Hard. Email:

Nathan Davies, author of Transparency in D3D Immediate Mode. Email:

Bob Bates, author of Designing the Puzzle. Email:

Marcus Fisher, author of Dynamic 3D Animation Though Traditional Animation Techniques. Email:

Lorenzo Phillips, author of Game Development Methodology for Small Development Teams. Email:

Jason McIntosh, author of Tile Graphics Techniques 1.0.

In addition, the CDs contain a number of selected articles from the Game Programming MegaSite at The articles are authored by *Matt Reiferson, *Geoff Howland, Mark Baldwin, John De Goes, *Jeff Weeks, Mirek, *Tom Hammersley, Jesse Aronson, Matthias Holitzer, Chris Palmer, Dominic Filion, JiiQ, Dhonn Lushine, David Brebner, Travis "Razorblade" Bemann, Jonathan Mak, Justin Hust, Steve King, Michael Bacarella II, Seumas McNally, Robin Ward, Dominic Filion, Dragun, Lynch Hung, Martin Weiner, Jon Wise, and Francois Dominic Larame.

*Contributed more than one article.

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