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JScript includes several ways to execute a statement or block of statements repeatedly. In general, repetitive execution is called looping or iteration. An iteration is simply a single execution of a loop. It is typically controlled by a test of a variable, where the value is changed each time the loop is executed. JScript supports four types of loops: for loops, loops, while loops, and do...while loops.

In This Section

for Loops

Discusses how JScript uses for loops and provides some practical examples. Loops

Describes the concept of loops and explains how to use them in JScript.

while Loops

Discusses the two types of while loops and explains how they differs from for loops.

break and continue Statements

Describes how to use the break and continue statements to override the behavior of a loop.

Related Sections

JScript Conditional Structures

Describes how JScript normally handles program flow and provides links to information that explains how to regulate the flow of a program's execution.

JScript Reference

Lists elements that compose JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.

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