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File_Passwd Constants

File_Passwd Constants -- Constants used by File_Passwd


Table 43-1. Encryption Constants

FILE_PASSWD_DES"des"DES encryption
FILE_PASSWD_MD5"md5"MD5 encryption
FILE_PASSWD_SHA"sha"SHA encryption
FILE_PASSWD_PLAIN"plain"no encryption

Table 43-2. Error Constants

FILE_PASSWD_E_UNDEFINED0undefined - some seldom occuring errors
FILE_PASSWD_E_INVALID_FORMAT1passwd file has invalid format
FILE_PASSWD_E_INVALID_PROPERTY2an invalid (additional) property was supplied
FILE_PASSWD_E_INVALID_CHARS3parameter contains illegal chracters (usually only alphanumerics, the dash and underline are allowed)
FILE_PASSWD_E_INVALID_ENC_MODE4an invalid encryption mode was supplied (depending on the class actually used)
FILE_PASSWD_E_EXISTS_ALREADY5an entry (user, group, etc) to add exists already
FILE_PASSWD_E_EXISTS_NOT6an entry (user, group, etc) to delete/change doesn't exist
FILE_PASSWD_E_USER_NOT_IN_GROUP7the specified user is not in this certain group
FILE_PASSWD_E_USER_NOT_IN_REALM8the specified user is not in this certain realm
FILE_PASSWD_E_PARAM_MUST_BE_ARRAY9the supplied param must be of type array
FILE_PASSWD_E_METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED10requested method was not implemented yet
FILE_PASSWD_E_DIR_NOT_CREATED11a certain directory couldn't be created
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_OPENED12passwd file couldn't be opened
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_LOCKED13passwd file couldn't be locked
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_UNLOCKED14passwd file couldn't be unlocked
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_CLOSED15passwd file couldn't be closed

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