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Package to manage passwd-style files



Table of Contents
File_Passwd Constants -- Constants used by File_Passwd
File_Passwd::apiVersion() -- Get API version
File_Passwd::factory() -- Factory for extensions
File_Passwd::staticAuth() -- Fast authentication

The File_Passwd class provides a factory for all special purpose classes, static authentication and common encryption methods.


Table of Contents
Childs -- Classes that extend File_Passwd_Common and their inherited methods
File_Passwd_Common::delUser() -- Delete a certain user
File_Passwd_Common::listUser() -- List user
File_Passwd_Common::userExists() -- Check if user exists
File_Passwd_Common::getFile() -- Get path of passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::setFile() -- Set path to passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::load() -- Loads the file
File_Passwd_Common::parse() -- Parse the content of the file
File_Passwd_Common::save() -- Apply changes and rewrite passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::_auth() -- Base method for File_Passwd::staticAuth()
File_Passwd_Common::_open() -- Open a file
File_Passwd_Common::_close() -- Closes a prior opened and locked file handle
File_Passwd_Common::_save() -- Save the modified content to the passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::__construct() -- Constructor (ZE2)

Base class for worker class extensions.


Manipulate custom formatted passwd files. (inherited methods)


Table of Contents
File_Passwd_Unix::staticAuth() -- Fast authentication
File_Passwd_Unix::File_Passwd_Unix() -- Constructor
File_Passwd_Unix::parse() -- Parse passwd file
File_Passwd_Unix::save() -- Save changes
File_Passwd_Unix::addUser() -- Add an user
File_Passwd_Unix::modUser() -- Modify user
File_Passwd_Unix::changePasswd() -- Change password
File_Passwd_Unix::verifyPasswd() -- Verify password
File_Passwd_Unix::useMap() -- Whether to use the 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::getMap() -- Get 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::setMap() -- Set 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::getMode() -- Get actual encryption mode
File_Passwd_Unix::setMode() -- Set encryption mode
File_Passwd_Unix::listModes() -- Get supported encryption modes
File_Passwd_Unix::isShadowed() -- Check if passwd file is shadowed
File_Passwd_Unix::generatePassword() -- Generate password

Manipulate standard Unix passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate CVS pserver passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate SMB server passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate AuthUserFiles. (inherited methods)


Manipulate AuthDigestFiles. (inherited methods)

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