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Childs -- Classes that extend File_Passwd_Common and their inherited methods

Child Classes

Table 43-1. Classes that extend File_Passwd_Common

File_Passwd_AuthbasicManipulate AuthUserFiles as used for HTTP Basic Authentication.
File_Passwd_AuthdigestManipulate AuthDigestFiles as used for HTTP Digest Authentication.
File_Passwd_CvsManipulate CVS pserver passwd files.
File_Passwd_SmbManipulate SMB server passwd files.
File_Passwd_UnixManipulate standard Unix passwd files.
File_Passwd_CustomManipulate custom formatted passwd files.

List of inherited Methods

Table 43-2. Inherited methods from File_Passwd_Common

Method NameSummary
File_Passwd_Common::delUser()Delete a certain user
File_Passwd_Common::getFile()Get path of passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::listUser()List user
File_Passwd_Common::load()Loads the file
File_Passwd_Common::parse()Parse the content of the file
File_Passwd_Common::save()Apply changes and rewrite passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::setFile()Set path to passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::userExists()Check if a certain user already exists
File_Passwd_Common::_auth()Base method for File_Passwd::staticAuth()
File_Passwd_Common::_close()Closes a prior opened and locked file handle
File_Passwd_Common::_open()Opens a file, locks it exclusively and returns the filehandle
File_Passwd_Common::_save()Save the modified content to the passwd file

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