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File_Passwd_Smb::staticAuth() -- Fast authentication


require_once 'File/Passwd/Smb.php';

mixed File_Passwd_Smb::staticAuth (string $file, string $user, string $pass, string $mode)


Static user authentication.


string $file

path to passwd file

string $user

user to authenticate

string $pass

plaintext password

string $mode

encryption mode ('nt'|'lm') NTHASH or LMHASH

Return value

Returns TRUE if authenticated, FALSE if not or PEAR_Error on failure.

Table 43-1. Possible PEAR_Error values

Error CodeSummary
FILE_PASSWD_E_NOT_EXISTSpasswd file doesn't exist
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_OPENEDpasswd file couldn't be opened in read mode
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_LOCKEDpasswd file couldn't be locked shared
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_UNLOCKEDpasswd file couldn't be unlocked (only if auth fails)
FILE_PASSWD_E_FILE_NOT_CLOSEDpasswd file couldn't be closed /only if auth fails)
FILE_PASSWD_E_INVALID_ENC_MODEsupplied encryption mode was invalid


This function should be called statically.

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