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Class Summary HTML_Menu_ArrayRenderer

Class Summary HTML_Menu_ArrayRenderer -- The renderer that creates an array of visible menu entries.

Output array

The resultant array can be used with e.g. a template engine to produce a completely custom menu look.

All menu types except 'rows' are "rendered" into a one-dimensional array of entries:
while 'rows' produce a two-dimensional array:
    array('entry 1 for row 1', ..., 'entry M_1 for row 1'),
    array('entry 1 for row N', ..., 'entry M_N for row 1')

Here entry is
    'url'    => url element of menu entry
    'title'  => title element of menu entry
    'level'  => entry's depth in the tree structure
    'type'   => type of entry, one of HTML_MENU_ENTRY_* constants
A list of the above mentioned HTML_MENU_ENTRY_* constants can be found here.

Class Trees for HTML_Menu_ArrayRenderer

HTML_Menu_ArrayRenderer Inherited Methods

Table 47-1. Inherited from HTML_Menu_Renderer

Method NameSummary
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishLevel()Finish the tree level (for types 'tree' and 'sitemap')
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishMenu()Finish the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishRow()Finish the row in the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::renderEntry()Renders the element of the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::setMenuType()Sets the type of the menu being rendered.

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