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Class Summary HTML_Menu_Renderer

Class Summary HTML_Menu_Renderer -- An abstract base class for HTML_Menu renderers (package developer related)


This class defines methods that should be implemented by child classes to provide necessary output logic. You only need to read its description if you intend to write your own renderer.

Class Trees for HTML_Menu_Renderer

Table 47-1. Classes that extend HTML_Menu_Renderer

HTML_Menu_ArrayRendererThe renderer that creates an array of visible menu entries.
HTML_Menu_DirectRendererThe renderer that generates HTML for the menu all by itself.
HTML_Menu_DirectTreeRenderer The "direct" renderer for 'tree' and 'sitemap' menu types where level is represented by tags nesting.
HTML_Menu_SigmaRenderer The renderer that uses HTML_Template_Sigma instance for menu output.
HTML_Menu_SigmaTreeRenderer HTML_Template_Sigma-based renderer for 'tree' and 'sitemap' type menus, where menu level is represented by tag nesting.

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