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Class Summary HTML_Menu_DirectRenderer

Class Summary HTML_Menu_DirectRenderer -- The renderer that generates HTML for the menu all by itself.


This renderer directly generates the menu HTML, thus the name. It is loosely based on HTML_Menu 1.0 code, but while it was needed to subclass HTML_Menu to customize its output, HTML_Menu_DirectRenderer has built-in methods for changing menu appearance.

Class Trees for HTML_Menu_DirectRenderer

HTML_Menu_DirectRenderer Inherited Methods

Table 47-1. Inherited from HTML_Menu_Renderer

Method NameSummary
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishLevel()Finish the tree level (for types 'tree' and 'sitemap')
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishMenu()Finish the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishRow()Finish the row in the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::renderEntry()Renders the element of the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::setMenuType()Sets the type of the menu being rendered.

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