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Class Summary HTML_Menu_DirectTreeRenderer

Class Summary HTML_Menu_DirectTreeRenderer -- The "direct" renderer for 'tree' and 'sitemap' menu types where level is represented by tags nesting.


The renderer is designed to output only the menus of type 'tree' and 'sitemap'. It shows the level of the menu by tags nesting, not by outputting some indentation and is able to output e.g. nested HTML lists:
    <li>Menu item 1
            <li>Menu item 1.1</li>
            <li>Menu item 1.2</li>
    <li>Menu item 2</li>

Idea and initial code contributed by Uwe Mindrup.

Class Trees for HTML_Menu_DirectTreeRenderer

HTML_Menu_DirectTreeRenderer Inherited Methods

Table 47-1. Inherited from HTML_Menu_Renderer

Method NameSummary
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishLevel()Finish the tree level (for types 'tree' and 'sitemap')
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishMenu()Finish the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::finishRow()Finish the row in the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::renderEntry()Renders the element of the menu
HTML_Menu_Renderer::setMenuType()Sets the type of the menu being rendered.

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