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Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_hiddenselect

Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_hiddenselect -- Creates hidden elements with select's values


This class takes the same arguments as a select element, but instead of creating a <select> it creates hidden elements for all values already selected with setDefaults() or setConstants(). This is useful if you have a select ring that you don't want visible, but you need all selected values to be passed.

Class Trees for HTML_QuickForm_hiddenselect

HTML_QuickForm_hiddenselect Inherited Methods

Table 47-1. Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_select

Method NameSummary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_select::HTML_QuickForm_select()Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_select::addOption()Adds a new OPTION to the SELECT
HTML_QuickForm_select::apiVersion()Returns the current API version
HTML_QuickForm_select::exportValue()We check the options and return only the values that _could_ have been
HTML_QuickForm_select::getFrozenHtml()Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_select::getMultiple()Returns the select mutiple attribute
HTML_QuickForm_select::getName()Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_select::getPrivateName()Returns the element name (possibly with brackets appended)
HTML_QuickForm_select::getSelected()Returns an array of the selected values
HTML_QuickForm_select::getSize()Returns the select field size
HTML_QuickForm_select::getValue()Returns an array of the selected values
HTML_QuickForm_select::load()Loads options from different types of data sources
HTML_QuickForm_select::loadArray()Loads the options from an associative array
HTML_QuickForm_select::loadDbResult()Loads the options from DB_result object
HTML_QuickForm_select::loadQuery()Queries a database and loads the options from the results
HTML_QuickForm_select::setMultiple()Sets the select mutiple attribute
HTML_QuickForm_select::setName()Sets the input field name
HTML_QuickForm_select::setSelected()Sets the default values of the select box
HTML_QuickForm_select::setSize()Sets the select field size, only applies to 'multiple' selects
HTML_QuickForm_select::setValue()Sets the value of the form element

Table 47-2. Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_element

Method NameSummary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_element::HTML_QuickForm_element()Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_element::accept()Accepts a renderer
HTML_QuickForm_element::apiVersion()Returns the current API version
HTML_QuickForm_element::exportValue()Returns a 'safe' element's value
HTML_QuickForm_element::freeze()Freeze the element so that only its value is returned
HTML_QuickForm_element::getFrozenHtml()Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_element::getLabel()Returns display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::getName()Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_element::getType()Returns element type
HTML_QuickForm_element::getValue()Returns the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::isFrozen()Returns whether or not the element is frozen
HTML_QuickForm_element::onQuickFormEvent()Called by HTML_QuickForm whenever form event is made on this element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setLabel()Sets display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setName()Sets the input field name
HTML_QuickForm_element::setPersistantFreeze()Sets wether an element value should be kept in an hidden field when the element is frozen or not
HTML_QuickForm_element::setValue()Sets the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::unfreeze()Unfreezes the form element

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