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This manual page shows the basic steps to get HTML_TreeMenu working.

Installing the files

Before using HTML_TreeMenu, you'll have to put some files in your project's htdocs directory:

You can get on your harddrive in $pear_data_dir/HTML_TreeMenu or online at the PEAR CVS-Web.

Simple example


require_once 'HTML/TreeMenu.php';

$menu_styles      = new HTML_TreeNode(array('text'=>'Styles'));
$menu_pays        = new HTML_TreeNode(array('text'=>'Countries'));
$menu_restaurants = new HTML_TreeNode(array('text'=>'Restaurants'));
$menu_plats       = new HTML_TreeNode(array('text'=>'Menus'));

for ($i = 1; $i < 10; $i) {
    $menu_styles->addItem(new HTML_TreeNode(array('icon'=>'Image '.($i 0))));
    $menu_pays->addItem(new HTML_TreeNode(array('icon'=>'Image '.($i 10))));
    $menu_restaurants->addItem(new HTML_TreeNode(array('icon'=>'Image '.($i 20))));
    $menu_plats->addItem(new HTML_TreeNode(array('icon'=>'Image '.($i 30))));

$menu  = new HTML_TreeMenu();

// Chose a generator. You can generate DHTML or a Listbox
$tree = new HTML_TreeMenu_DHTML($menu);

echo $tree->toHTML();


Tree-construction methods

Actually, you have three different methods to build the tree:

By hand

This is the 'hard' way, like the example above. You have to set each node by hand.

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