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Displays Information about your current PEAR install. Akin to PHP's phpinfo().


System Requirements

Mandatory resources :

  • PHP 4.3.0 or newer.

  • PEAR 1.5.4 or newer.

Optional resources :


Table of Contents
FAQ -- Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions
News -- What is New in version ?
Introduction -- Introduction to PEAR_Info

Reference guide

Table of Contents
constructor PEAR_Info::PEAR_Info() -- PHP 4 style constructor (ZE1)
PEAR_Info::display() -- Displays PEAR_Info output
PEAR_Info::getMembers() -- Returns a members list depending of its category (group, docs, website)
PEAR_Info::getStyleSheet() -- Returns the custom style sheet to use for presentation
PEAR_Info::packageInstalled() -- Check if a package is installed
PEAR_Info::pearImage() -- Display the PEAR logo
PEAR_Info::setProxy() -- Sets PEAR HTTP Proxy Server Address
PEAR_Info::setStyleSheet() -- Sets the custom style sheet to use your own styles
PEAR_Info::show() -- Shows PEAR_Info output
PEAR_Info::toHtml() -- Returns PEAR_Info output (html code)

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