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Introduction -- Introduction to PEAR_Info

Introduction to PEAR_Info

PEAR_Info obtains and displays information about your current PEAR Install. The PEAR_Info page features an A-Z index for easy searching, aswell as anchors for each package in the form of pkg_Package_Name (i.e. url.tld/pearinfo.php#pkg_PEAR_Info) PEAR_Info also features a full 'PEAR Credits' page, with information about the authors of the packages you currently have installed. PEAR_Info will also display any later versions that are available from PEAR to help keep you up to date.

PEAR_Info options

The output may be customized by passing one or more of the following constants bitwise values summed together in the optional options hash parameter. One can also combine the respective constants or bitwise values together with the or operator.

Table 57-1. General page options

PEAR_INFO_GENERAL1 The configuration file location, PEAR logo and current install version.
PEAR_INFO_CREDITS2 A link to PEAR Credits page. See also PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_* constants.
PEAR_INFO_CONFIGURATION4All PEAR settings (keys and values).
PEAR_INFO_CHANNELS8List available channels
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES4080 All package informations. See all others PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_* constants.
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_CHANNEL2048Show the package channel
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_SUMMARY1024A short description of the package
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_VERSION512Package version with state and release date.
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_LICENSE256License of the package release
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_DESCRIPTION128A long description of the package
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_DEPENDENCIES64Show package dependency list
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_XML32 Tell what PEAR packager and package xml version (1.0 or 2.0) was used to build and install the package.
PEAR_INFO_PACKAGES_UPDATE16 Show the latest version available. Displayed only if different than current install version.
PEAR_INFO_ALL4095Shows all of the above. This is the default value.

Table 57-2. Credits page options

PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_ALL61440 All credits informations. See all others PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_* constants.
PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_GROUP4096Show PEAR Group members list
PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_DOCS8192Show PEAR Documentation Team list
PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_PACKAGES32768Show authors (and roles) of package maintainers

Table 57-3. Common options

PEAR_INFO_FULLPAGE65536 Indicates that a complete stand-alone HTML page needs to be printed including the information indicated by the other flags. This is the default value.

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