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Introduction --  Introduction to Structures_BibTex


This package provides methods to access information stored in a BibTex file. During parsing it is possible to let the data be validated. In addition. the creation of BibTex Strings as well as RTF Strings is also supported.

A few examples


Options can be set either in the constructor or with the method setOption(). When setting in the constructor the options are given in an associative array. The options are:

Example of setting options in the constructor:
Example of setting options using the method setOption():

Stored Data

The data is stored in the class variable data. This is a a list where each entry is a hash table representing one bibtex-entry. The keys of the hash table correspond to the keys used in bibtex and the values are the corresponding values. Some of these keys are:


As described before the authors are stored in a list. Every entry representing one author as a has table. The hash table consits of four keys: first, von, last and jr. The keys are explained in the following list:

Adding an entry

To add an entry simply create a hash table with the needed keys and values and call the method addEntry().

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