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Warnings --  Usage of warnings when using Structures_BibTex


The class Structures_BibTex introduces a system to collect warnings that may happen during parsing. Warnings are things in the BibTex source which are not correct but do not cause the parser to fail. One example would be a double cite entry. These warnings should help to improve the quality of your BibTex code. Whether warnings are generated or not is controlled by the option validate. Per default warnings are generated. If you want to not generate warnings you should use the setOption() method like this.


The warnings are stored in an array called warnings which is public accessible. To check is a warning exists you can use the method hasWarning(). This method returns true if there are warnings and false otherwise.
Every warning itself is hash table with the following keys:

To print every warning with type and line that caused the warning you could do something like this:
Finally if you want to clear all warnings you can use the method clearWarnings().

Types of Warnings

The following Warnings are known:

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