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Reads the currently executed file (a phar) and registers its manifest ()
mixed Phar::mapPhar ( [string alias [, int dataoffset]] )

This static method can only be used inside a Phar archive's loader stub in order to initialize the phar when it is directly executed, or when it is included in another script.



The alias with which this phar should be referred to.


Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


PharException is thrown if not called directly within PHP execution, if no __HALT_COMPILER(); token is found in the current source file, or if the file cannot be opened for reading.


Example 1807. A Phar::mapPhar() example

mapPhar should be used only inside a phar's loader stub. Use loadPhar to load an external phar into memory.

Here is a sample Phar loader stub that uses mapPhar.

function __autoload($class)
'phar://me.phar/' . str_replace('_', '/', $class) . '.php';
try {
} catch (
PharException $e) {
'Cannot initialize Phar');