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You can use the XML Web server control to write an XML document, or the results of an XSLT transformation, into a Web page. The XML output appears in the Web page at the location of the control.


To use XML data as the source for other controls, such as the Repeater, DataList, or GridView controls, you can use the XmlDataSource control. For details, see XmlDataSource Web Server Control.

The XML and the XSLT information can be in external documents, or you can include the XML inline. There are two ways to reference external documents using property settings in the XML Web server control. You can provide a path to the XML document in the control tag, or you can load the XML and XSLT documents as objects and then pass them to the control. If you prefer to include the XML inline, write it between the opening and closing tags of the control.

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JavaScript Editor jscript editor     Web designer