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The following code example demonstrates how the regular expression class Regex can be used to perform search and replace. This is done with the Replace method. The version used takes two strings as input: the string to be modified, and the string to be inserted in place of the sections (if any) that match the pattern given to the Regex object.

This code replaces all the digits in a string with underscores (_) and then replaces those with an empty string, effectively removing them. The same effect can be accomplished in a single step, but two steps are used here for demonstration purposes.


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// regex_replace.cpp
// compile with: /clr
#using <System.dll>
using namespace System::Text::RegularExpressions;
using namespace System;

int main()
   String^ before = "The q43uick bro254wn f0ox ju4mped";
   Console::WriteLine("original  : {0}", before);

   Regex^ digitRegex = gcnew Regex("(?<digit>[0-9])");
   String^ after = digitRegex->Replace(before, "_");
   Console::WriteLine("1st regex : {0}", after);

   Regex^ underbarRegex = gcnew Regex("_");
   String^ after2 = underbarRegex->Replace(after, "");
   Console::WriteLine("2nd regex : {0}", after2);

   return 0;

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