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NET Programming in C++

Programming Guide

   .NET Programming in C++

      Pure and Verifiable Code

      Regular Expressions

      File Handling and I/O

      Graphics Operations

      Windows Operations


      Interoperability with Other .NET Languages


      Managed Types


      Strong Name Assemblies (Assembly Signing)

      The Debug Class in Visual C++

   Native and .NET Interoperability

      Mixed (Native and Managed) Assemblies

      Using Native COM Servers from .NET

      Using a Windows Form User Control in MFC

      Calling Native Functions from Managed Code

   General Concepts

      Data Access


      International Programming


   64-Bit Programming with Visual C++


      How to: Enable a 64-Bit Visual C++ Toolset at the Command Line

      Common Visual C++ 64-bit Migration Issues

      Itanium Software Conventions

      x64 Software Conventions

         Exception Handling (x64)

         Intrinsics and Inline Assembly

         Image Format


   Deployment Concepts

   Understanding Dependencies of a Visual C++ Application

   Determining Which DLLs to Redistribute

   Choosing a Deployment Method

   Redistributing Visual C++ Files

      Redistributing Using Merge Modules

      Redistributing Visual C++ ActiveX Controls

      Redistributing Database Support Files

      Redistributing the MFC Library

      Redistributing ATL and OLE DB Templates

      Redistributing Common Controls

   Deployment Examples

      How to: Deploy using a Setup and Deployment Project

      How to: Deploy using XCopy

   Deploying Windows-Client Applications

   Redistributing Web Applications

   Deploying ATL Server Applications

   Version Checking of Redistributable Files

   ClickOnce Deployment for Visual C++ Applications

   Running a C++ /clr Application on a Previous Runtime Version

Porting and Upgrading Programs

   Porting from UNIX to Win32

   How to: Upgrade Wizard-Generated Managed Extensions for C++ Code

   Managed Extensions for C++ Syntax Upgrade Checklist

   Upgrade Projects from Previous Versions of Visual C++

      Upgrade Visual C++ Projects to Visual Studio .NET in Batch Mode

      Modify WINVER

      Conversion failed Dialog Box

      Access ClassWizard and WizardBar Functionality

   C++/CLI Migration Primer

      Outline of Changes

      Language Keywords

      The Managed Types

         Declaration of a Managed Class Type

         Declaration of a CLR Reference Class Object

         Declaration of a CLR Array

         Changes in Destructor Semantics

      Member Declarations within a Class or Interface

         Property Declaration

         Property Index Declaration

         Delegates and Events

         Sealing a Virtual Function

         Overloaded Operators

         Changes to Conversion Operators

         Explicit Override of an Interface Member

         Private Virtual Functions

         Static Const Int Linkage Is No Longer Literal

      Value Types and Their Behaviors

         CLR Enum Type

         Implicit Boxing of Value Types

         A Tracking Handle to a Boxed Value

         Value Type Semantics

      General Language Changes

         String Literal

         Param Array and Ellipsis

         typeof Goes to T::typeid

         Cast Notation and Introduction of safe_cast<>

      Motivating the New Language Design

Security Best Practices

   Running as a Member of the Users Group

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