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There are four things to do when handling an unknown command:

To do this with the OLE DB Consumer Templates, use the CManualAccessor class and follow these steps:

  1. Open a CCommand object with CManualAccessor as a template parameter.

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    CCommand<CManualAccessor, CRowset, CMultipleResults> rs;
  2. Query the session for the IDBSchemaRowset interface and use the procedure parameters rowset. If the IDBSchemaRowset interface is not available, query for the ICommandWithParameters interface. Call GetParameterInfo for information. If neither interface is available, you can assume there are no parameters.

  3. For each parameter, call AddParameterEntry to add the parameters and set them.

  4. Open the rowset but set the bind parameter to false.

  5. Call GetColumnInfo to retrieve the output columns. Use AddBindEntry to add the output column to the binding.

  6. Call GetNextResult to determine if more rowsets are available. Repeat steps 2 through 5.

For an example of a manual accessor, see CDBListView::CallProcedure in the DBVIEWER sample.

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