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OLE DB provides interfaces for receiving notifications when events occur. These are described in OLE DB Object Notifications in the OLE DB Programmer's Reference. Setup of these events uses the standard COM connection-point mechanism. For example, an ATL object that wants to retrieve events through IRowsetNotify implements the IRowsetNotify interface by adding IRowsetNotify to the class-derived list and exposing it through a COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY macro.

IRowsetNotify has three methods, which can be called at various times. If you want to respond to only one of these methods, you can use the IRowsetNotifyImpl class, which returns E_NOTIMPL for the methods you are not interested in.

When you create the rowset, you must tell the provider that you want the returned rowset object to support IConnectionPointContainer, which is needed to set up the notification.

The following code shows how to open the rowset from an ATL object and use the AtlAdvise function to set up the notification sink. AtlAdvise returns a cookie that is used when you call AtlUnadvise.

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propset.AddProperty(DBPROP_IConnectionPointContainer, true);

product.Open(session, _T("Products"), &propset);

AtlAdvise(product.m_spRowset, GetUnknown(), IID_IRowsetNotify, &m_dwCookie);

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