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Visual C++В .NET supplies ActiveX controls that you can use in applications. You can then redistribute the controls along with the applications. In the Insert ActiveX Control dialog box, highlighting a control will display its .ocx or .dll file.

For a list of the redistributable Visual C++–supplied ActiveX controls, see Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\redist.txt on Disc 2 of the Visual C++ .NET product CD-ROM; any .ocx files in the Win\System folder are redistributable.

MFC ActiveX Controls: Distributing ActiveX Controls explains how to install and register redistributable ActiveX controls.

Merge Module Projects explains how Visual StudioВ .NET deployment handles the redistribution of files through merge modules.

Redistributing Database Support Files discusses how to redistribute support files for the database technologies found in the Microsoft Data Access SDK.

If your application uses an ActiveX control that connects to a database, you need to install or do the following:

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