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Unlike other .NET languages, C++ has interoperability support that allows managed and unmanaged code to exist in the same application and even in the same file (with the managed, unmanaged pragmas). This allows C++ developers to integrate .NET functionality into existing C++ applications without disturbing the rest of the application.

You can also call unmanaged functions from a managed compiland using dllexport, dllimport.

Implicit PInvoke is useful when you do not need to specify how function parameters will be marshaled, or any of the other details that can be specified when explicitly calling DllImportAttribute.

C++ provides two ways for managed and unmanaged functions to interoperate:

Explicit PInvoke is supported by the .NET Framework and is available in most .NET languages. But as its name implies, C++ Interop is specific to C++.

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JavaScript EditorDhtml editor     Free javascript download 
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