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Properties of controls can be set at design time using the Dialog editor. When you set a property, the Resource editor initializes the control with the specified value. The property still can be changed programmatically.

The DataSource property, which is found in all data-bound controls, allows you to specify the data source control to which you want to bind.

When binding simple bound ADO data-bound controls to an ADO data control (ADODC), you must associate the control with a column by setting the DataField property to a valid field in the rowset. Otherwise, the compiled application asserts in a running Debug build (the assertion is simply marking that the control has been bound to a null column).


The General properties tab allows you to specify a control identifier and other properties needed for the .rc file. (The .rc file is later compiled to generate a Windows program resource code.)

To set a property on the All tab

  1. Insert an ActiveX control into a dialog box.

  2. Right-click the control in the Dialog editor, and then click Properties.

  3. Click the All tab to display the control's properties. For a given property, enter the initialization value.

To set control properties at run time, see Modifying a Control's Run-Time Behavior.

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JavaScript EditorDhtml editor     Free javascript download