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This topic applies to the MFC ODBC classes.

What a Join Is

The join operation, a common data-access task, lets you work with data from more than one table using a single recordset object. Joining two or more tables yields a recordset that can contain columns from each table, but appears as a single table to your application. Sometimes the join uses all columns from all tables, but sometimes the SQL SELECT clause in a join uses only some of the columns from each table. The database classes support read-only joins but not updateable joins.

To select records containing columns from joined tables, you need the following items:

  • A table list containing the names of all tables being joined.

  • A column list containing the names of all participating columns. Columns with the same name but from different tables are qualified by the table name.

  • A filter (SQL WHERE clause) that specifies the columns on which the tables are joined. This filter takes the form "Table1.KeyCol = Table2.KeyCol" and actually accomplishes the join.

You can join more than two tables in the same way by equating multiple pairs of columns, each pair joined by the SQL keyword AND.

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