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When you develop an application using Visual C++, you have the advantage of working on a computer that is not only a good development environment, but is also a convenient environment on which to run and test applications. However, when you want to deploy your application to other computers, you need to redistribute all the files needed to support the application on the target system. For more information on which files you may need to redistribute with your application, see Determining Which DLLs to Redistribute.

Only some Visual C++ files are allowed to be redistributed with your application. Please consult the EULA for Visual Studio 2005 and the Redist.txt file to see which files may be redistributed with your application. EULA.txt can be found in the \Setup directory on the first Visual Studio 2005 product CD or on the DVD, and Redist.txt is located in the Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 directory on the second CD or on the DVD.

Visual C++ files can be redistributed using either the provided Redistributable Merge Modules, or by deploying specific Visual C++ assemblies as private side-by-side assemblies in the application local folder.

In the first case, a merge module with a specific Visual C++ assembly has to be included in a Windows Installer package or similar installation package used to deploy this application to another computer. For more information, see Redistributing Using Merge Modules.

When deploying a Visual C++ assembly as a private side-by-side assembly, all DLLs and the manifest file that form this assembly have to be added to the Windows Installer or similar installation package and deployed to the target computer in a subdirectory in the application local folder, following the rules for deploying private assemblies. Information on which Visual C++ DLLs and manifest files are part of which Visual C++ assemblies can be found in Visual C++ Libraries as Side-by-Side Shared Assemblies. A description of the rules that must be followed when deploying private assemblies for loading at runtime can be found in Assembly Searching Sequence.

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