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DHTML Tutorial

    Chapter 1.  Strings
      Concatenating (Joining) Strings
      Accessing Substrings
      Changing String Case
      Testing Equality of Two Strings
      Testing String Containment Without Regular Expressions
      Testing String Containment with Regular Expressions
      Searching and Replacing Substrings
      Using Special and Escaped Characters
      Section 1.9.  Reading and Writing Strings for Cookies
      Section 1.10.  Converting Between Unicode Values and String Characters
      Section 1.11.  Encoding and Decoding URL Strings
      Section 1.12.  Encoding and Decoding Base64 Strings
    Chapter 2.  Numbers and Dates
      Converting Between Numbers and Strings
      Testing a Number's Validity
      Testing Numeric Equality
      Rounding Floating-Point Numbers
      Formatting Numbers for Text Display
      Converting Between Decimal and Hexadecimal Numbers
      Generating Pseudorandom Numbers
      Calculating Trigonometric Functions
      Section 2.9.  Creating a Date Object
      Section 2.10.  Calculating a Previous or Future Date
      Section 2.11.  Calculating the Number of Days Between Two Dates
      Section 2.12.  Validating a Date
    Chapter 3.  Arrays and Objects
      Creating a Simple Array
      Creating a Multidimensional Array
      Converting Between Arrays and Strings
      Doing Something with the Items in an Array
      Sorting a Simple Array
      Combining Arrays
      Dividing Arrays
      Creating a Custom Object
      Section 3.9.  Simulating a Hash Table for Fast Array Lookup
      Section 3.10.  Doing Something with a Property of an Object
      Section 3.11.  Sorting an Array of Objects
      Section 3.12.  Customizing an Object's Prototype
      Section 3.13.  Converting Arrays and Custom Objects to Strings
    Chapter 4.  Variables, Functions, and Flow Control
      Creating a JavaScript Variable
      Creating a Named Function
      Nesting Named Functions
      Creating an Anonymous Function
      Delaying a Function Call
      Branching Execution Based on Conditions
      Handling Script Errors Gracefully
      Improving Script Performance
    Chapter 5.  Browser Feature Detection
      Detecting the Browser Brand
      Detecting an Early Browser Version
      Detecting the Internet Explorer Version
      Detecting the Netscape Navigator Version
      Detecting the Client Operating System
      Detecting Object Support
      Detecting Object Property and Method Support
      Detecting the Browser Written Language
      Section 5.9.  Detecting Cookie Availability
      Section 5.10.  Defining Browser- or Feature-Specific Links
      Section 5.11.  Testing on Multiple Browser Versions
    Chapter 6.  Managing Browser Windows
      Setting the Main Window's Size
      Positioning the Main Window
      Maximizing the Main Window
      Creating a New Window
      Bringing a Window to the Front
      Communicating with a New Window
      Communicating Back to the Main Window
      Using Internet Explorer Modal/Modeless Windows
      Section 6.9.  Simulating a Cross-Browser Modal Dialog Window
      Section 6.10.  Simulating a Window with Layers
    Chapter 7.  Managing Multiple Frames
    Chapter 8.  Dynamic Forms
    Chapter 9.  Managing Events
    Chapter 10.  Page Navigation Techniques
    Chapter 11.  Managing Style Sheets
    Chapter 12.  Visual Effects for Stationary Content
    Chapter 13.  Positioning HTML Elements
    Chapter 14.  Creating Dynamic Content
    Chapter 15.  Dynamic Content Applications
    Appendix A.  Keyboard Event Character Values
    Appendix B.  Keyboard Key Code Values
    Appendix C.  ECMAScript Reserved Keywords


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