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One way you can limit the number of records is to specify a quantity or range of records. Using the Scope option, you can export a single record or a group of records positioned sequentially in the file.

The active index and the current record pointer affect the results of the scope options Next and Rest. For example, the next record in a table indexed by last name is probably different than one in a table indexed by state. This does not affect the Record option because the number for a record does not change when the table is indexed.

To export a limited number of records

  1. From the File menu, choose Export.

  2. Enter the source table and destination file information.

  3. Choose Options.

  4. Choose Scope.

  5. Select the appropriate Scope option and complete the Scope dialog box.

    To export Choose

    Every record from the source file


    A range of records starting with current record


    A specific record by number


    The current record plus all of those after it to the end of the file


  6. Choose OK.

    Visual FoxPro exports records within the scope you select.

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